Oomi has been adding more and more third party Z-Wave devices to be used in your Oomi System. Oomi will automatically detect what type of device it is and have it appear in your network as a controllable or sensor type device.

Generic method of pairing Devices:

  1. Grab your Oomi Touch and go to the main widget control screen.
  2. Tap the icon located at the top left corner (hamburger or 3 lines icon).
  3. Tap on "Device"
  4. Select "Z-Wave Device"
  5. Oomi Touch will prompt you to press the button on the device.
  6. Typically you'd tap the button on the Z-Wave device for this step, but sometimes some manufacturers has special rules such as double tapping or triple tapping or press and hold.

    For this step, please refer to the instruction manual of that device you are attempting to pair. (It should be under the Inclusion / Pair section).