In order to access your Oomi Cube video feed over Oomi Touch, you must make sure that both Oomi Cube and Oomi Touch are connected to your WiFi connection. Oomi System only supports 2.4GHz connection so make sure that you are on this type of connection, while 5GHz is not supported.

Follow these steps to access your Oomi Touch video feed.

  1. From the main page (Widget control page), swipe right on your screen to pull up the Environment/Energy/Security Tab
  2. Tap on the "Security" tab
  3. (V2.0.0.xx) If you are on this version, look for the motion sensor of your Oomi Cube, then tap on the "Camera" icon located at the top bar of the motion graph.
    (V2.0.3.xx) If you are on this version, the video widget should be easier to find, look for the mock video screen and tap on it to enlarge the video feed.