This article will help you update Oomi Cube and Oomi Touch's software to versions V2.0 and higher.

Why should I update?

We want to allow your home to make you even more secure, comfortable, and entertained. To do that, we’ll teach your Oomi system new tricks. Updates allow us to bring you the latest and greatest that Oomi has to offer.

How to update the Software on Oomi Touch and Oomi Cube

Before  starting, make sure that your Oomi Cube is connected to Wi-fi and move the Cube closer to the router if needed. 

Step 1: Notification 

When there is an update for your Oomi system, you will get a notification in the top left corner of your Oomi Touch home page.

Step 2: Download the Software Update

Click the Notification icon and you will see the list of notifications available for your Oomi. Click on the latest “Update Available”, and then click “Download”. The new Software update will download (it can take up to 2 hours depending on your internet connection).

Note: Once the Oomi Touch downloads the update, the Cube will start to download the update.

Step 3: Install Software Update

When the download is completed, follow on screen instructions to “Install Update” and click “Install”. The downloading icon will appear in the upper bar on the Oomi Touch.

 Step 4: Wait for update to finish. 


Trouble updating? Common Troubleshooting Issues and fixes: 

1.     Cube is not connected to the Wi-fi.

In case when the Cube is not connected to the Wi-fi, connect to Wi-fi in settings. You can check if the Cube is connected to Wi-fi by checking the Cube’s camera feed in the Oomi Touch.


2.     Cube fails to download.

In case when the Cube fails to download, Oomi Touch will restart the update and run the update on the Cube again. Make sure the Oomi Cube and Touch have power and are close together. 



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3.     Older Generation of Oomi Touch Update.

If you’re on an older version of Oomi software, manual update process may be required. To update, follow these instructions:

Updating Old Software (software version 1)

The title of this article will change – hyperlink might change (new title: “Updating Older Versions of Oomi”)