This article will help you pick out the right accessories for your home.

The accessories you want will depend on what is most important in your home. Here are some suggestions:

Security Devices

  • Oomi Cam: Keep an eye on any room in your home.
  • Oomi MultiSensor: This device will help you know what's going on inside of your home.
  • Oomi Door and Window Sensor: Know when secure areas are accessed.
  • Oomi Bulb: Make your home appear to be occupied while you are away.

Monitoring Devices

  • Oomi Air: Make sure the air in your home is safe to breath.
  • Oomi MultiSensor: It's 6 sensors will give you insight into what's going on at home.
  • Oomi Cam: See what your kids are up to.
  • Oomi Door and Window Sensor: Know when children access off-limit areas.

Lighting and Ambiance

  • Oomi Light Strip: 9 feet of customizable light.
  • Oomi Bulb: Three shades of white, and 16 million colors allĀ fully dimmable.
  • Oomi Plug: Control lamps and other lights

  • Oomi Plug: Have small electronics power down when you leave. Control them remotely.
  • Oomi Bulb: Automate your lighting.
  • Oomi MultiSensor: Use the motion sensor to have your lights come on when you enter a room.
  • Oomi Door and Window Sensor: Automate your home based on doors being opened or closed.

  • Oomi Bulb: Have your lighting match your entertainment.
  • Oomi Plug: Have devices turn on and off automatically.