This article will help you create a scene with multiple devices.

Scenes allow you to create buttons that control action devices such as Bulbs, Plugs, InWall Dimmer, Color Strip. You can add a nameable button to your Oomi Touch desktop to trigger your scene, or trigger it directly from your Oomi App. Scenes is different from Automations, where a scene cannot be triggered automatically without your own intervention.

For example, you have 6 Oomi Bulbs in your Living Room that you want to trigger all at once. 

So you would set:


Bulb 1 = ON

Bulb 2 = ON

Bulb 3 = ON

Bulb 4 = ON

Bulb 5 = ON

Bulb 6 = ON

When saved, you will be provided the ability to name the button and control it over your Oomi Touch widget control section. You can tap this button at any point in time which will always turn ON all 6 bulbs programmed in the above example.

If you can not see the video please go to this link.