This article will help you create an Automation for your home.

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Automation is a bit more complicated than Scene creation. Scenes just create buttons that tell devices to perform an action, while automation you are setting triggers and conditions to set an action into play. There are 3 parts:

1. Trigger
  • This is what determines when the automation should begin.
  • Example, if you set a Multisensor as the trigger, you will have many different options: Motion, Light, Temperature, etc. If you use Motion, Yes = motion triggered, and No = motion untriggered.
  • You can only set one thing to trigger a single automation.
  • For the trigger to start the automation process, using the example above with motion sensor, if we use Multisensor -> Motion -> Yes, then the motion sensor will need to change from No to Yes to trigger the automation. (This only happens upon the change of No to Yes).
  • The automation can also be stopped from triggering the action from the trigger by using conditions.

2. Condition
  • These are conditions that must be met at the time of the automation trigger, these will hold back the automation from happening.
  • For example, if you say that the time frame must be between 12:00 and 15:00, then any time between those 2 time frames will allow the "Action" to trigger. If outside that time frame, the "Action" will not happen.
  • You can have multiple conditions to determine what conditions need to be met to trigger the action. All of the conditions set here must be met during the time of the trigger.

3. Action
  • This is where you decide what you want your devices to do when the automation is triggered.
  • You would drag and drop plugs or lighting devices here and tell them exactly what you want them to do.

Stable device connection required.

Make sure that your Automations devices are all working in a stable connection, if one device has a bad connection to Oomi System and occasionally falls in and out of connection, this may cause your Automation to stop working for some time until the failing connected device comes back into the network with a stable connection.

We advise that if you are able to pinpoint the device causing your automation to fail, try unpairing and pairing the Oomi Device back into your network. You can follow directions here to remove your device from your network and then pair it back to try and stabilize its connection: Unpair your Oomi Device from your network.