This article will help you factory reset your Oomi System. THIS WILL DELETE ALL DATA.


  • It is important to Reset Touch before resetting Cube.

Step 1: Remove all devices from your system

  1. Follow instructions here

Note: if you do not remove a device before resetting, you will need to reset it when adding it back to your system.

Step 2: Reset Oomi Touch

  1. Make sure Oomi Touch is on (the screen should be on)
  2. Hold the four circular buttons
  3. Wait for Oomi Touch to return to the setup pages (about 20 seconds)

Step 3: Reset Oomi Cube

  1. Make sure your Oomi Cube has power
  2. Use a paperclip to hold down the reset button
    • TIP: Make sure the button clicks as you press it.
  3. Oomi Cube's LED will start flashing Red.
  4. When the flashing red becomes a solid red color, release the reset button.
  5. Wait until Oomi Cube's LED turns orange (about 5 minutes maximum)
  6. Unplug Oomi Cube
  7. Plug Oomi Cube back in

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