This article will help you reset your Oomi devices.

Do you want to reset or remove the device?:

  • Reset a Device: If you receive a message saying the device is paired with another system. Follow instructions below.
  • Remove a Device: If you want to take it off of your system. Follow instructions here.

The reset procedure varies slightly on your device.

Reset Oomi Bulb

  1. Turn Oomi Bulb on using your switch
  2. Turn the light off and on 6 times quickly
  3. When reset properly, Oomi Bulb will flash and then turn white

Reset Other Oomi Devices

  1. Make sure your device has power
  2. Find the device's physical button
  • Oomi Plug: The round divot on the front of Oomi Plug just inside of the LED ring
  • Oomi Door and Window Sensor: Located on the back of the device
  • Oomi MultiSensor: The round divot on the back of the device (It should click when pressed)

       3. Press and hold for 20 seconds until the status LED starts cycling colors.