This article will help you diagnose your Tap-and-Touch issue and fix it.

Make sure it's a Tap-and-Touch issue

Make sure your devices are powered up, then Tap-and-Touch Oomi Cube. Two things should happen:

  • Oomi Cube's Status LED should turn or flash white
  • Oomi Touch should not┬árespond
If both of these things happened, then continue reading below. If not, please contact

Restart Oomi Touch
  1. Hold down Oomi Touch's power button (on the right side of Oomi Touch)
  2. Press "turn off"
  3. Wait until Oomi Touch powers down fully
  4. Press and hold Oomi Touch's power button until the Fantem logo comes on

Your Tap-and-Touch should work again. If this is not the case, please contact