This article will help you add an Oomi Device to your Oomi system.

To add a device, Tap-and-Touch it with Oomi Touch.

Note: you will have 2 minutes to give your device power after you Tap-and-Touch it.

For any of our Oomi Devices, these are the general steps in order to pair them (Recommended method):

  1. Find the Orange dot on Oomi Touch and your Oomi Device (can be Bulb, Plug, Multisensor, DW Sensor, etc).
  2. Tap the Oomi Touch and Oomi Device orange dots together.
  3. You have 2 minutes to power your Oomi Device and it should begin and finish up the pairing process.
  4. Over Oomi Touch, select what Room the Oomi Device resides in (ie. Bedroom, Living Room, Kitchen).
  5. Name your Oomi Device
  6. Then save your settings.

    Congratulations, your Oomi device is now paired to your network. 

Generic method of pairing Oomi Devices:

  1. Grab your Oomi Touch and go to the main widget control screen.
  2. Tap the icon located at the top left corner (hamburger or 3 lines icon).
  3. Tap on "Device"
  4. Select Z-Wave Device
  5. Oomi Touch will prompt you to press the button on the device.
  6. For most Oomi Devices, you would tap the button once during this time.

    Oomi Bulb is special, turn bulb off for 1 second, then turn it back ON to enter pairing mode.

    For any other manufacturer devices, please view the instructions for pairing.

    Congratulations on pairing your new Oomi and/or other device! It is now paired to your Oomi network and you should now be able to control it.

Oomi Bulb:

Oomi Plug

Oomi MultiSensor

Oomi Door and Window Sensor